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What does “hosting” mean?

Hosting is where a local dancer puts up a visiting dancer in their home, allowing dancers to go to events around the country for free accommodation. As long as you’re willing to sleep on someone’s sofa, or an airbed on the floor, or whatever else can be offered, compromise with them about your plans and are willing to look after yourself as much as needed.

Most hostees (or as I prefer, parasites) are reasonably independent, so you don’t have to look after a pet dancer all weekend. Unless you both want to do everything together- in which case you might make a new Best Friend Forever!

It’s also nice to get your host a little gift to say thank you, and make sure you tidy up after yourself properly.

Hosting is available from some of our lovely dancers! And if you are one of our lovely dancers, please offer your services for hosting. Lots of people will be wanting a space for the night, and they’re all staggeringly well behaved and polite of course! We can even give character references for lots of them.

If you’re a local and willing to help out, please let us know on leedsswingexchange@gmail.com

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