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Questions and Answers

What is a Swing Exchange?
It’s like a Lindy Exchange. But exchanges are never just Lindy. If you love balboa, do balboa! If you love blues, there will be blues! A big mix of swing.


Alright then- what is a Lindy Exchange?
A Lindy Exchange is normally a weekend-long swing social extravaganza hosted by a specific scene or city. There is lots of social dancing, but also other types of social or cultural activity, such as tours of the area, picnics, outdoor dancing, live music, transvestite whaling, and things like that! Also, often, cake!


Hurray that sounds great! Especially the cake. But I’m not quite Frankie Manning yet. Is it suitable for anyone?
Yes! As it is a social dancing weekend, you should be able to have a good go at that and be at a level to enjoy it. If you are enjoying dancing socially right now you should have a great weekend.


Yay! I love social dancing. I am so excited I may just explode in a massive hurricane of glitter, bubbles and puppies.
Calm down. But I agree it is very exciting.


Sorry. Is there hosting available?
There will be hosting! We can’t guarantee hosting for everyone but we can do our best.


Great. Do you need me to DJ? I have the complete works of Right Said Fred.
It’s ok thanks. But if you know anyone who wants to DJ , who has had some practice elsewhere, and who does not own any Right Said Fred, please contact us.
We also need more people to volunteer to help do things like set up bunting, tidy up, man the door etc. Please let us know if you are willing!

Fine. Whatever.


When are tickets on sale?
Bookings open RIGHT NOW! So get on with it and sign up for some fun!


I CAN’T WAIT!!!! *BANG* (glitter, bubbles, puppies.)
Damn. Honestly, we’re just a bit *too* awesome.



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