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2017 details for information only!

Saturday Daytime Activities10345835_743030215750024_3245542280659874292_n

Photo Challenge

Outside Leeds City Museum
Millenium Square

11.30am onwards

Final game format TBC but it will be a fun team game where you explore the city centre, finding solutions to a list of clues or questions. There will be prizes and everything!

You don’t have to come with a team already, as you can meet people there, make a new team and get to know some of your fellow dancers!

If you want to see the pictures of last years Photo challenge have a look here!

Travel and Transport: this is right in the middle of town so public transport is easy. The nearest parking is street parking or in The Light, but that is expensive. We would recommend parking at the Woodhouse Lane car park, which is close and probably the cheapest.

Saturday Picnic221851_463341047052277_237901450_n

Kirkstall Abbey Park
Abbey Rd
West Yorkshire

1pm-4.30pm (or whenever you go home! It’s a public place.)

Music, food and lovely folk in the wonderful OUTSIDE-LAND! A chance to top up your vitamin D levels, as well as your sugar.

We will provide lots of lovely food, for you all to eat, but contributions are welcome (particularly supermarket bought packeted food which is accounted for in our risk assessment!).

Feel free to bring your kids, dog or pet honey badger. There will be music. Bring frisbees etc if you wish!

If the weather is particularly bad the picnic will not go ahead. In that situation we would suggest a visit to the Royal Armouries, City Museum or the Art Gallery, and perhaps some shopping as it is a famous and popular shopping destination. But don’t worry about missing out on the food, we’ll make sure to bring it to another event in the event of the picnic being a wash-out.  Keep an eye on the website/Facebook, as if it’s raining we may suggest a meeting place.

Saturday Evening Activities

Saturday Night Swing Ball

Leeds University Union Refectory
Woodhouse Lane


In conjunction with Leeds University Union Swing Society, we are proper proud to announce that our Saturday evening party will be the fabulous Leeds University Union Refectory!  At this big smashing event there will be fabulous dancing, live music, a short and silly competition, and most importantly FANCY DRESS! With prizes of course.

The theme for the Saturday Swing Ball will be LSX goes to the Movies!  Need inspiration (as well as ALL the puns)?  Have a look here!

The competition this year will also be movie themed, but we can’t reveal all the details just yet.  It is open to all dancers of any level and will be run as a mix and match competition.  Have a look here to find out more!

We are also rather chuffed to have the wonderful Jim Wynn Swingtet from Birmingham as our Saturday night band!

There will be a fully stocked bar, a photo corner to commemorate your evening with some fun snaps.

Saturday Night Afterparty

Casa Colombiana
6 Grand Arcade

12.00am – 3.00am

We’re returning to the scene of last year’s Saturday night afterparty at Casa Colombiana!  Expect space to dance, space to chill and ace food (veggie and gluten free options will be available)!

As it has been so popular in the last couple of years, we’re keeping the same format for our afterparties: Something For Everyone! We understand that some people love blues. And some people don’t. Some people like non-traditional music, and some people hate it. All of those things are fine, so at this after party we are going to try to make everyone happy by using the Rule of Three.

Three, is the Magic Number, so we will be playing three in a rows. Three blues, three swing, three random, three blues, three swing and so on. This way there will be something there you will love, whatever you feel like.  Sounds odd, but it works and we love it!

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