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Online bookings have now closed as LSX is so close!

You can still purchase tickets on the door.

We’re doing things a little differently this year and treating LSX more like a music festival!  Our pricing structure for the individual passes therefore reflects this.

Friday: £15
Saturday: £30
Sunday: £30
Monday: £15

Friday and Monday consist of 1 event and are therefore cheaper.  However, for your £30 on the Saturday or Sunday, you can go to as much or as little of that day as you like, up to four events on each day!

So for Saturday, you can take your pick from, the Photo Challenge, the picnic at Kirkstall Abbey, the Saturday Swing Ball at Leeds University Union Refectory AS WELL AS the afterparty at Casa Colombiana!

Likewise for Sunday, you can go to the City Tour, the Chill Out at HEART, the evening dance at Left Bank and also the afterparty at Crowd of Favours!

Come early and make a day of it!

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